Marc's Woodworking Projects

Marc's Woodworking Projects

Marc Sommerfeld's Custom-Built Cabinets

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Sommerfeld's Tools for Wood is a small company that prides itself on high-quality products, great customer service, and industry leading innovation.

Since our last catalog, nearly two years ago, I have been busy building a new home ... something I have always wanted to do. I thoroughly enjoyed building all the custom cabinetry with Robbie Schorg, my first employee. We picked through over 4,000 feet of birds eye maple, and spent over four months building the custom cabinetry, which then travelled over 2,000 miles west for installation.

During the construction of the cabinets, I was able to come up with some new techniques, and even develop new cutting tools! All of our raised panels were made on a professional door machine, which has large shaper cutters. These cutters produced virtually chip-free stile and rails every time.

At woodworking shows, the most often asked question I received was, "How do I prevent the tear-out on the pattern cut?" I could never provide an adequate answer, because, you simply cannot prevent tear-out by going slower, or taking less of a cut, as many may think.

Of course, I have always known of this problem, and even asked my manufacturer, then from Italy, to engineer a new design to prevent tear-out. The answer was always the same, it could not be done on router bits. The problem is in the design of EVERY single stile and rail router bit on the market today ... UNTIL NOW, that is!

I presented the problem to my present manufacturer. After some discussion, we came up with an innovative solution. We now offer a Patent Pending Stile and Rail Cutter in router bit form! Reviews of the new design have been overwhelmingly positive, as people discover the new performance advantages, and truly chip-free rail and stile cuts.

I, also, built my cabinets with no sharp 90* angles. I wanted a smooth kitchen with lots of curves. That led me to design a new way to make raised panels on a curve with no joints! The stiles connect 22-1/2* angles with a curve instead of the normal joint. All of these very simple techniques will be available in a new video I will be creating this summer. Look for it in the fall of 2013 with additional new tooling!

I've been asked by many of our customers for pictures of the cabinets that we designed and built. They are now available on our new website (my custom cabinet photos are shown in the movie clip above) so that we can share them with you. Make sure to send us some pictures of work you built using Sommerfeld's Tools for Wood and we may just post them on our site or in our next catalog!

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Best Regards,

Marc Sommerfeld

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