Easy-Set for Sommerfeld's Router Bits

Easy-Set for Sommerfeld's Router Bits
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Until the ingenious Easy Set came along, setting complex profile (i.e. lock miter, drawer lock & glue joint) bit heights was both time-comsuming and frustating. But now, this simple device positions your bit perfectly the first time, every time for cutting any thickness of wood from 23/32" to 1-3/16" at the twist of the dial. The eight Sommerfeld's router bits that match the profiles on the Easy Set Jig include: Tongue & Groove Cutters, 45 Lock Miter, 22.5 Lock Miter, Glass Panel Cope,Reversible Glue Joint, Raised Panel Cope, Baby Lock Miter.

**Will only work with CMT and Sommerfeld brand bits listed above**

Item # EZSET

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