Sommerfeld's New Dovetail Jig

Sommerfeld's New Dovetail Jig
Sommerfeld's New Dovetail Jig
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The new Sommerfeld's Dovetail Jig is a remarkable, easy-to-use system that makes quick work of dovetail joints on your bench or router table.

Quality Construction ensures unwavering precision and long-term durability.

The NEW Sommerfeld's Dovetail Jig is designed with single-plate technology instead of the variable-spaced dovetails. It is constructed with high quality aluminum, then clear anodized for lasting dependabiltiy.

The Sommerfeld's Dovetail Plate can be interchanged with any previoius Dovetail Jigs we have sold. *Not recommended for use with plywood.

Set Includes: Pre-assembled Jig w/

  • Sommerfeld Dovetail Plate
  • Two Edge Stops
  • 7/16" Dovetail router bit
  • 5/8" Pattern bit
  • 5/32" Allen wrench
  • Manual
  • Dovetail Made Easy DVD8

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