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Pattern Bit for DTJ 5/8"CD,3/4"CL,1/4"SH
Cutting Diameter 5/8" Cutting Length 3/4" Overall Length 2 5/8" Shank Diameter 1/4" I..
Pocket Hole Jig
For fast, easy and accurate cabinet & furniture construction, there's never been a tool like ..
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Sliding C Stop for Easy Mark
Sliding C-Stop used for Easy Mark (EZM) Item # EZM SCREW C ..
Sommerfeld's 3-In-1 Pocket Cutter
This jig can be used by begineers or professionals alike. With the large, powerful toggle clamp, ..
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Sommerfeld's Dovetail Forks
Item # DTJ1 ..
Sommerfeld's Easy Bore Hinge Boring Jig
Our hand-clamped boring jig drills a 35mm hole and two aligning 8mm holes at the same setting..
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Sommerfeld's New Dovetail Jig
The new Sommerfeld's Dovetail Jig is a remarkable, easy-to-use system that makes quick work of do..
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Sommerfeld's Unique Featherguard
The only featherboard that doubles as a 100% safe guard when used correctly-no part of the bit is..
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Standard Drawer Slide Mounting Tool
Our new mounting tool eliminates the need for measuring and marking becuase it uses the intersect..
Stud With Tab
Easy Mark (EZM) Stud with tab located on the traingle frame also known as Lock Nut F in the Easy Mar..
Tandem Drawer Slide Mounting Tool
The Tandem Under mounting Drawer Slide Jig is designed to simplify the installation of Tandem Dra..
True Dovetail Bit 7/8"CD,1/2"SH for Half Blind
7/8" Cutting Diameter 21/32" Cutting Length 2-1/2" Overall Length 1/2" Shank Item # 0..
True Pattern Bit 31/64"CD,1/4"SH for Half Blind
True Pattern Bit for the Katie Jig Half Blind Plate. Item # 01011B ..
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