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 Easy Mark Drill Bit  3/16"
3/16" Drill bit for Easy Mark (EZM) Item # EZM.DRILL BIT-710001 ..
35mm Replacement Bit
35mm Item # SM923512 ..
8mm Replacement Bit for Easy Boring Jig
8mm Item # SM9700887BR ..
Box Joint Tuning Fork
Using our Sommerfeld's Katie Jig with the use of our black Box Joint Tuning fork you wil be abl..
Bushing D for Easy Mark
Bushing D described in Easy Mark (EZM) Instructions. Item # EZM SCREW A ..
Bushing E (Long) for Easy Mark
Bushing E descirbed in Easy Mark (EZM) instructions. Item # EZM SCREW B ..
Dovetail Bit for DTJ 7/16"CD,3/4"CL1/4"SH
Cutting Diameter 7/16" Cutting Length 3/4" Overall Length 2 5/8" Shank Diameter 1/4",br>..
Drawer Mounting Brackets
These mounting brackets are designed to ease the process of aligning a Full-Extension Drawer sl..
Easy Mark Hardware Drilling Jig
The Easy Mark drilling jig will help you align and drill the hardware mounting holes for knobs an..
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Easy-Set For Freud Router Bits
This Easy Set Jig sets Freud lockmiter bits and other Freud hard-to-set bits quickly and easily..
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Easy-Set for Sommerfeld's Router Bits
Until the ingenious Easy Set came along, setting complex profile (i.e. lock miter, drawer lock &a..
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Lock Nut A (large) for the Easy Mark
Large Nut Item # EZM NUT A ..
Lock Nut B (small) for Easy Mark
Small Nut Item # EZM NUT B ..
New Easy Mark Triangle
Item # EZM.FRAME ..
Organic Half-Blind Dovetail Jig Plate
Sommerfeld's Half Blind Plate! It includes the 01011A (True Dovetail Bit) and 01011B (True Pa..
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