Sommerfeld's Professional Cabinetmaking System

Sommerfeld's Professional Cabinetmaking System
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While designing our new router table with our new manufacturer they told us they thought they could hold the tight tolerance that we needed between the 3 sections of the table but found they could not. During the extrusion process you have a free flowing aluminum that cools into a hard aluminum. On pieces as wide as our 9" wide sections it is very difficult to keep the aluminum from moving. Since we are demanding a very low tolerance on our tables this time and finding the tolerance couldn’t be met we decided to machine the top surface referencing from the tongue and groove to meet the tolerance we need. Doing this has taken extra time so that is reason for our delay in getting our tables delivered to us. They are telling us the tables will be ready tentatively for pick up January 28th. I can tell you this they will be worth the wait.

Marc Sommerfeld


It includes the following product:

  • Sommerfeld's Router Table System (SORS)
  • 3-1/4hp Triton Router (TRA001)
  • Tongue & Groove Cabinetmaking Set (03004)
  • 6pc. cabinetmaking set (06001)
  • Template Set (your choice of one) be sure to comment on your order which choice you would like!
  • Complete set of (12) How-To-DVD's (DVD12PK)
  • Easy Set Jig (EZSET)
  • Set of (2) Push Blocks (PB)
  • Offset Collet Wrench (WR001)
  • 3-In-1 Pocket Cutter (31PC)
  • Easy Mark Hardware Drilling Jig (EZM)
  • Easy Bore Hinge Boring Jig (SHB)
  • Unique Featherguards (2)

Item # SPCS

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