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Sommerfeld Tools for Wood Catalog #24
Sommerfeld Tools for Wood Catalog, Edition #24 - released September 2019.  To order a physic..
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Sommerfeld's 16-Pc Forestner Bit Set
Where most forstners have round shanks that can easily slip in drill chucks and gall, Sommerf..
Sommerfeld's 22-1/2* Lock Miter Set
This matched pair of cutters makes set-up easy. Height adjustment is not critical-simply adjust..
Sommerfeld's 3-In-1 Pocket Cutter
This jig can be used by begineers or professionals alike. With the large, powerful toggle clamp, ..
Based on 3 reviews.
Sommerfeld's Angle Making Set
We expanded on the original Sommerfeld 22-1//2° Lock Miter Set by creating the new 8pc Anglemakin..
Sommerfeld's Beaded Face Frame System
7" Diameter Cast Iron Cutter 5/8" Bore Hole 1-5/8" End to End of Carbide 1"..
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Sommerfeld's Dovetail Forks
Item # DTJ1 ..
Sommerfeld's Dovetail Plate
Sommerfeld's Easy Bore Hinge Boring Jig
Our hand-clamped boring jig drills a 35mm hole and two aligning 8mm holes at the same setting..
$179.90 $159.90
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Sommerfeld's Fence
  Our easy adjusting Fence is 48" x 4-3/4" Spring-loaded Pin allows rapid pivot adju..
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Sommerfeld's Leigh Jig Set
The Sommerfeld's 13 piece Leigh jig Set has all the most frequently used dovetail and straight bi..
Sommerfeld's New Dovetail Jig
The new Sommerfeld's Dovetail Jig is a remarkable, easy-to-use system that makes quick work of do..
Based on 6 reviews.
This double stepped rabbet cutter cuts one rabbet for you glass, mirror or picture and follows up..
Now You can protect your custom made mirros, glass and picture frames with strong backer board..
Sommerfeld's Patented Radiused-Corner-Geometry Rail & Stile Set (Roundover)
Sommerfeld's Tools For Wood Introduces A Revolutionary New Design! The Patented Radiused-Corner-G..
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