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 Architectural Molding Set 1/2"SH
Create your own custom moldings! Don't pay the high prices for precut moldings. Save time an..
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12-Pc Introductory Set
Adds dovetailing, V-grooving, flush trimming and three sizes of straight bits to our Starter Set ..
3-Pc Shaker Raised Panel Door Set
The stile and rail cutters cut a perfect 7/32" slot which creates a perfect fit for today's 1..
Based on 4 reviews.
6-Pc Jointmaking Set
Here it is-the best collection of jointmaking bits we have. Some woodworkers have shied away ..
Cabinetmaker Blade
Long-Lasting Coated Blades! Sommerfeld's blades are a perfect match for our line of bits. Whether..
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Easy-Set for Sommerfeld's Router Bits
Until the ingenious Easy Set came along, setting complex profile (i.e. lock miter, drawer lock &a..
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Sommerfeld's Angle Making Set
We expanded on the original Sommerfeld 22-1//2° Lock Miter Set by creating the new 8pc Anglemakin..
Sommerfeld's Easy Bore Hinge Boring Jig
Our hand-clamped boring jig drills a 35mm hole and two aligning 8mm holes at the same setting..
Based on 4 reviews.
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