4-Pc Tongue & Groove Cabinetmaking Pro Set

4-Pc Tongue & Groove Cabinetmaking Pro Set
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This new set combines our Tongue & Groove Cabinetmaking set with our popular mitered molding bit. The set includes the three bits needed for all your tongue & groove cabinetmaking needs, plus adds the mitered molding bit which machines the surface molding for your mitered raised panel doors. The tongue & groove cutters are also used to cut the tongues and grooves on the four corners of your door.

  • The mitered molding bit machines the profile on the top surface on 3" wide stiles and rails. The bit measures (4") in length.
    • The set comes with two different-sized bearings. The large bearing cuts 1/4" deep tongue & grooves for cabinetmaking construction. The smaller bearing cuts 1/2" deep tongue and grooves for your mitered raised panel door.
      • The groove cutter cuts a 1/2" deep groove (when the small bearing is installed) in the right side of all miters. Also, it cuts the groove on all inside edges of rails and stiles for raised panel insertion.
        • The tongue cutter cuts a 1/2" deep tongue (when small bearing is installed) in the left side of all miters.
          • The flush trim bit trims off the end of the tongue so the tongue fits into stopped groove cut. This gives a mortise and tenon look to the outside edge of the mitered raised panel door.
            • All of our bit sets are packaged in a beautiful, custom-designed hardwood case to keep your bits safe, clean and easy to find for many years of service.

              Making mitered raised panels is a snap as seen in Marc's new DVD 7 Mitered Raised Panels Made Easy.

              4-Pc.Tongue & Groove Cabinetmaking Pro Set Bits

              01019 1/2" Shank Flush Trim Cutter
              01010 1/2" Shank Mitered Molding Bit
              02003 1/2"Shank Tongue & Groove Cutters

              Bearings HC318DZZ & 698ZZ & R3ZZ

              Item # 04001

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