Junior Raised Panel Set

Junior Raised Panel Set
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Our Junior Raised Panel Set is truly unique. Imagine where you can incorporate small raised panels:jewelry boxes, humidors, dollhouses, desk sets, doll cradles, mini grandfather clock and more.

  • Now you can make the ultimate miniature frames and panels from material as thin as 7/16" to as thick as 11/16" to as small as 2" square. The Junior Raised Panel Set relies on the same principles as its parent set.
    • The raise panel cutter has a backcutter that accurately machines the tongue to a 5/32" in one pass.
      • The panel cutter machines the front and back at the same time, not only making it quicker, but allowing for all five pieces of your assembly to be flush on the front and back.
        • The matching pair of stile and rail cutters produces tight-fitting joints made for material from 7/16" to 11/16".
          • All of our bit sets are packaged in a beautiful, custom-designed hardwood case to keep your bits safe, clean and easy to find for many years of service
            • Cove Raised Panel Bit with Backcutter has a 2-1/2" diameter.

              Junior Raised Panel Bits

              01018 1/2" Shank Junior Raised Panel Cutter w/Back-Cutter
              02006 1/2" Shank Miniature Rail & Stile Pattern/Cope (2 Bits)

              Bearing 688ZZ

              Item # 03002

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