3-Pc Cove Raised Panel Set with our New Patented Chip-Free Roundover Rail & stile

3-Pc Cove Raised Panel Set with our New Patented Chip-Free Roundover Rail & stile
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Making top-quality raised panel doors is easier than ever with our 3-pc Cove Raised Panel Set and more so with our New Pantented Chip-Free Rail & Stiles! Make your doors professional-looking doors as they are the most important visual elements of your cabinets and furniture.

  • All three bits in the set are perfectly matched in height for fast, no-hassle set-ups
  • Our New Patented Chip-Free roundover rail & stile set has radiused-corner-geometry which relieves stress as it prevents the edge tear-out that is a common problem with other brands. It has a full 1/2" engagement for stronger joints and easier measurement of door part dimensions
  • Large 3-1/2" diameter cove raised panel which includes a back cutter with a large bearing, which allows machining of the front and back of the panel in the same pass for a safe cut on arched panel doors, giving you exactly the thickness you need for the panel. An additional smaller bearing (16mm) is included to allow you to make the second pass so the panel fits exactly in the stile and rails.
  • Machines material from 3/4" to 7/8" thick.

This set includes:

1/2" Shank Cove Raised Panel Cutter with Back Cutter (01001)

1/2" Shank New Pantented Chip-Free Roundover Rail & Stile Set (02011)


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